Dotty Molt

Photographer    Yogi   Light Seeker

Join me for

an hour or a day,

at sunset or in the wildflowers,

with a camera or a yoga mat. 

Or immerse in an all inclusive retreat  

with photography, yoga, hiking and art

in the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Montreux Winter Photo Hikes

Walk or snowshoe into the Wilderness with your camera and learn the elements which create a beautiful photograph. 

Next Class:

Frozen Creeks and Icicles

January 15, 2020 2pm - 5pm   $75

Montreux Fitness Center



Iceland Adventure

I was blessed to visit Iceland for my 60th birthday last year.  So very impressed that I'm headed back again in June and again in September of 2020. 

I have room for 6 guests on each trip!  Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

click below to read more about Iceland: 


Find the moments in your practice where you feel as though you’re lighter than air, disconnected from this reality, and connected to the infinite.

Every Image Has a Story


These fifteen images and stories are part of an exhibition which has hung in numerous galleries in Reno.

When I look at these images, I see beyond the brilliant colors and lines. 

I hear the waves crashing into the Napali Coast, the footsteps echoing through the Grand Canyon. I can feel the chill of the fog and smell the fragrance of the wildflowers. I relive the moment captured in time, as we all do when look through our life in photos.  I share these with you to add depth and meaning to the beauty you see here, to share pieces of myself. 




For more information on portraiture, lessons, workshops, or just to stay in touch, fill out the form below.  






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