Group Photography & Hiking Experience

This experience is geared to those who love to hike off the grid and into the mountains around Tahoe with a camera or an IPhone. As an award winning local photographer, I know how to find wildflowers in full bloom, secret lakes surrounded by butterflies, and towering aspens at peak fall color. Our hiking season runs from May to November, and on the shores of Lake Tahoe almost year round. Each hike will vary in length and difficulty based on your specific capabilities, and focus on learning how to become a better photographer. Perspective, composition, depth of field, how light affects an image, and developing your artistic eye will be studied and practiced. After hiking with a professional photographer, you'll never see the world the same way again.

Depending on the terrain, the hike in will be fairly brisk, but we'll spend plenty of time when we get to our destination immersing into all the beauty the Sierras have to offer us. Many of the hikes will be into the Mt. Rose Wilderness, most are within 10 to 30 miles from Incline Village.  Our wildflowers bloom from late June to early August, depending on the season, and fall arrives in October, beginning at higher elevations and ending at Lake level by the last week in October.  

Please understand how to change the settings on your camera. Specifically the ISO, f-stop and shutter speed. If you know how to do that, I can take it the rest of the way. I'm more familiar with Canon and Sony mirrorless cameras, iPhones are also fun to play with. Your results won't be quite the same, but you can achieve more than you would expect with a phone.


Please contact me to set up a time and date, and to talk about your specific needs and goals.  We can meet at Raleys in Incline Village and carpool separately from there.  

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