We all want to change the world...

to make a difference with our life. 

I love speaking about how my life changed when I took a leap of faith to drive cross country in a Jeep named Ruby.  A photographic road trip which turned into a cathartic journey to enlightenment. 

I am Dorothy, and I've been over the rainbow and back again in my Ruby Red Rubicon slipper, traveling from Reno to Florida, seeking my true north, camera in hand.  I left behind everything, the good and the bad, and hit the road running away from a privileged life of mediocrity.  I became enlightened, empowered, and discovered what I already knew in my heart, that the power to become your most authentic self lies within you and that there's no place like Lake Tahoe.

Speaking Topics

  • Creating sacred space

  • Finding the Light in your life

  • Follow your yellow brick road

  • ​​Spirituality

  • Empowerment

  • Road trippers

  • Photography

  • Travel

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