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My Yoga is Subtle

Yoga begins in the physical, our bodies responding to the practice with increased strength, balance and flexibility. Our movements become second nature, the body rooted into the earth, allowing the mind to become quiet, the endless chatter ceasing for increasingly extended periods of time.   


Through our mindful breath, we find and hold a sacred space where awareness of the light around us grows as our practice deepens.  We learn that to truly exist in this present moment takes practice and peaceful disconnection from the chaotic world in which we live.


It is then that we find the subtly of the practice, the moments where we feel lighter than air, disconnected from this reality, connected to the Infinite.


I deeply believe in the healing power of touch.  My instruction​

includes hands on alignment and adjustments.

I offer Vinyasa flow for beginners to seasoned practitioners

and deeply restorative Yin Yoga for everyone.


$75 / Hr.


$150 / Hr.

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